Don’t Get Burned By Mobile App Developers Again
An Insider’s Look on Why Mobile App Projects Fail & How to Avoid Them
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About The Book
Don’t Mess Up! Ultimate Guide To Selecting The Top Mobile App Development Studios In Singapore is a light-hearted look at a deadly serious topic. After observing that many clients who came to him were burnt by their earlier vendor choices, Calixto Tay was inspired to write this book to help shed some light on what to look out for when choosing a vendor, and hopefully, help save his clients a bit of heartache.

As the Managing Director of Originally US, a leading mobile application consultancy in Singapore, and a tech enthusiast who started his programming career when he was 13, he is in a unique position to offer his insights and experience. In this book, Calixto breaks down the common pitfalls clients face and the steps you can take to select the right vendor. While this book is written in the context of Singapore, many of the notes discussed are also relevant beyond the coastlines of Singapore. Get the book to find out why mobile app projects fail and how you can prevent it from happening!
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Highlight of The Book
Common Pitfalls
To understand how to select the top mobile app development studios in Singapore, one must first have an understanding of how project failures happen. Hence, in this e-book, we uncover the common pitfalls that are present in mobile app development projects.
Tips & Tricks
Of course, we won’t just tell you the pitfalls and leave you in the lurch. As someone who has been on the client side as well as the vendor side, Calixto also provides tips and tricks you can adopt to ensure you select the right mobile app development vendor.
First Hand Encounters
Hear from an expert who has 10 years of experience in the mobile app development industry. In this e-book, we covered many real-life, first-hand encounters with the common pitfalls and how you can overcome them.
About The Author
Calixto Tay is a driven individual who has a strong passion for tech. He picked up touch typing when he was 4 years old and started coding at 13 years old. Today, he is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Originally US, a bespoke mobile application consultancy that places heavy focus on design and development quality. Originally US has won numerous awards for their innovation and is trusted by clients ranging from MNCs to government bodies.